Jane Marsh
B.P.C. registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Counsellor
Phone: 07845 034686   email: jane_marshuk@yahoo.co.uk

 South Oxfordshire - Wallingford, near Abingdon, Didcot, Henley, Newbury, Oxford and Reading



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What is Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy offers a safe space for you to talk about what is troubling you and to explore difficult feelings.    Over time we can begin to make sense of what is going on and feelings can feel more manageable. 

Although psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be a short-term process it is usually helpful to come for a more extended period of time.    Sessions last for 50 minutes and can be once weekly or more frequently.    It is often helpful to meet more than once a week. 

The British Psychoanalytic Council describes Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in this way: 

    It is a therapeutic process, which helps patients understand and resolve their problems by increasing awareness of their inner world and its influence over relationships both past and present. It differs from most other therapies in aiming for deep-seated change in personality and emotional development. 

Sometimes people seek help for specific reasons such as eating disorders, psychosomatic conditions, obsessional behaviour, or phobic anxieties. At other times help is sought because of more general underlying feelings of depression or anxiety, difficulties in concentrating, dissatisfaction in work or inability to form satisfactory relationships. 

The relationship with the therapist is a crucial element in the therapy.    The therapist offers a confidential and private setting which facilitates a process where unconscious patterns of the patient’s inner world become reflected in the patient’s relationship with the therapist (transference).    This process helps patients gradually to identify these patterns and, in becoming conscious of them, to develop the capacity to understand and change them.